Information for parents

Your child's school is one of 40 that is taking part in The FRANK friends study. As part of this, all students in Year 9 are invited to complete a short confidential questionnaire, which includes questions about school and their health including drug use. If you have a child in this year group you will receive a letter and opt out form. All students can choose whether to complete the questionnaire or not and are free to stop taking part until the end of the study without giving a reason.


No one at the school will see what individual students have written: the research team will collect all the completed surveys, and will store them securely at the University. The questionnaires do not include names, just study ID numbers. The responses will be entered onto a database which is password protected, and only visible to the research team.  We will share our findings with others who are interested, such as school communities, other academics, and policy makers, and we may publish them for example in academic journals. However, all the findings will be anonymised, so no schools or individuals will be able to be identified.

What is the purpose of the study?

We are researchers working at your child's school to evaluate the FRANK friends study. This is a new project which is being implemented in 40 schools in Wales and the West of England and aims to improve students' health by preventing and reducing drug use.

Why has my child been invited?

As part of this research we are asking all Year 9 students in your child's school to complete a questionnaire during school hours and again when they are in Year 11. A few students will also be asked to take part in an interview with researchers.

What will happen to my child if they take part?

Your child will receive information about the study and be able to ask questions before they make their decision. Responding to the questionnaire requires simple box ticking throughout. Your child will only fill the questionnaire if she or he agrees and will be asked to sign an assent form. In four schools we will conduct interviews with students and staff and focus groups with students. Interviews (if selected) will also be entirely voluntary discussing topics such as drug-related education and their experience of the FRANK friends project. Interviews will take approximately 45 minutes and your child (if selected) would sign a separate assent form for this. Your child may withdraw from the research at any time and for any reasons.

Will the data you collect be confidential?

If you would like to know more about the study, or how we are going to use the information that we collect, please contact us. You may also use these contact details to find out the outcome of the study.

Yes. No one except the research team will find out about what they say. The questionnaires do not include names, just study ID numbers. Our study team will collect all questionnaires and arrange safe transport to Cardiff University. Questionnaire data will be entered at Cardiff University onto a secure password protected database. The questionnaires will be stored in a secure location that can only be accessed by authorised members of the research team for a period of up to 15 years after the study has finished. Interview data will be transcribed, excluding names mentioned  and original audio files deleted. When we write reports based on the research, your child will not be named or in any way identified.

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