Information for staff in participating schools

This is a research study aims to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a school-based peer-led drug prevention intervention.

What am I being asked to do?

Headteachers: Headteachers (or another member of senior school staff acting on the headteacher’s behalf) in all schools will be asked to sign a ‘memorandum of understanding’ which outlines the school and research team’s roles and responsibilities for the duration of the study and indicates your willingness to take part. This study is funded by the NIHR Public Health Research Programme, as custodians of public money, all parties involved in the study must agree to the principles of high quality research.

School Administration Staff: School Administrators will be asked to provide Year 9 class lists for the school year beginning September 2019 (baseline) and again in September 2021 (Year 11). This will allow the assignment of a participant number to student questionnaires by research staff so that no names are included on the questionnaires and ensures confidentiality of survey responses. These class lists will be held on secure university computers and accessed by the research team only. In September 2021, administrators will be asked to provide information on students that have left or are new, this will help identify any students that have moved between intervention and comparison schools. In order to maintain participant confidentiality, administration staff in all 48 schools will be asked to email parents/carers and students (if paperless) or address and post pre-paid envelopes containing information sheets and opt-out consent forms. Upon invoice, we will reimburse postage costs up to the value of £100.00.

Teaching Staff: A nominated teacher will be asked to liaise with the FRANK friends trial team to book dates, times and suitable venues (e.g. school hall) for students to complete questionnaires. Teaching staff will also need to be in the hall or room when a researcher delivers the questionnaires to students. A relevant member of teaching staff, (e.g. PSHE lead) will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about drug prevention policies or practice, this can be done by email, telephone or in person with a member of the research team. In four randomly selected case study schools, some teachers will be interviewed about the FRANK friends programme.

What will happen to the students answers?

All of your students answers will be kept confidential. Our study team will collect all questionnaires. All completed questionnaires will be stored securely at Cardiff/Bristol University, and only the research team will have access to them. We will provide a report summarising the responses for the whole school year after the study has finished. No individuals will be identified in this report.

The questionnaire responses will be entered into a password protected database and summary information produced from all the responses we receive.  Once they have been analysed, we will disseminate or publish our findings in places such as academic journals and relevant websites.  At the end of the study, we will provide a needs report to your school summarising, at the year group level, the data collected. All data will be anonymised: no individual or school will be identified in our presentations/publications.

Further information

If you would like to know more about the study, or how we are going to use the information that we collect, please contact the study team:

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