Information for students in participating schools

Your school has been randomly selected to take part in the FRANK friends study, the largest ever trial of peer-led drug prevention programme in schools across the West of England and South Wales. FRANK friends will run over three years, across 40 schools, and involved around 5655 students. It will evaluate the effectiveness of a peer-led drug prevention programme which draws on the the UK national drug education website 

Who is running the study?

The study is being run by the Universities of Cardiff and Bristol.

Who is FRANK?

FRANK is the UKs national drug education website jointly established by the Department of Health and Home Office of the British Government in 2003.

What are students being asked to do?

We would like all Year 9's in your school to fill in a questionnaire about school and their health including drug use. If you agree to participate, the questionnaire will take 50 minutes to complete. You will not have to take the questionnaire home to complete. We will ask you to complete the questionnaire again in Year 11.

What will happen to the information collected? 

The questionnaires will be confidential. Keeping your answers private is very important so please do not put your name anywhere on the questionnaire. You will see a number on the questionnaire. Back at out offices, this number is linked to your name. We need to know your name so we can make sure we give you the right questionnaire again in Year 11.

Your parents, teachers and friends will not see the answers you write. The questionnaires will be taken to the University and stored securely. The only people who will see your answers are the research team. We will share the questionnaire findings with your school, and other people who will be interested, but only overall findings, not report what individual students write.

The only time that the research team would tell anyone else about your answers is if they thought that you or somebody else you told us about was in danger (e.g being bullied or abused or feeling suicidal). In this case a member of the research team would contact your school. We will not tell anyone your responses to the questions about drug use.

Do I have to take part in this?

We would like as many students as possible to agree to take part because the information you give us is very important and the results of the study may benefit students in the future. But you do not have to take part. If you would rather not you do not have to complete the assent form and can put the questionnaire back in the envelope and return it to the research team. You are also free to stop completing the questionnaire at any time and you don't have to give a reason.

What if I have some questions?

If you have any questions about the study, or filling in the questionnaire, please contact or or ask someone in the research team when they come to your school.

Where can I get help?

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If you would like to get information or help about any of the areas you were asked about in the questionnaire, please look at the list of help sources given out with the questionnaires. The Talk to Frank website also has useful information. If you feel upset due to completing the questionnaire, please talk to one of the research team.